"The basis of the Universe existence is the Law of overall information influence."

Academician V.I. Vernadsky

Albert Einstein said: “A human being is part of a whole, called by us the ‘Universe’ “

A human being is a quantum, an indivisible part of the intellectual system of the Universe with interdependent processes and evolutionary algorithms, capable of mutual reflection of properties.

Human brain is a whole Universe. If you release its potential, embedded by the evolution, the human possibilities will become limitless.

Science has proven that one can create the reality not only with his active deeds. He can generate psycho-physical interpretation of the events and broadcast them through the phases of symbolic development into the world as a kind of a TV show with a plot and script. And the quality of the person’s life and human society in general is determined by the quality of this interpretation of the reality by our consciousness. To do this, the person needs to get rid of the high level of entropy (disorder). Usually being the evolution stimulating factor, it turns into the circumstance of most likely negative scenario.

It is proved that in the process of the person’s communication with other people, objects and phenomena of the external we observe an enormous loss of information (up to 80%) due to entropy. This has a devastating effect on the person’s biological system and his life circumstances. Formed in the conditions of a high level of entropy, responses of the human consciousness to the world are transformed into devastating programs of the reality interpretation, these programs have very stable characteristics.

Therefore, it is necessary to neutralize the consequences of the negative impact on the human consciousness.

The New weapon in constant fight between entropy and evolution, the one worked out by the evolution of human consciousness itself, is SALVATOR - the first step to inner peace, balance and perfection.



Translated from the late Latin it means "Saviour".

This is a new way to develop creative (cognitive) capabilities of the human brain, fine-tuning of the human consciousness and body using a special technology, implemented through the strategy of perceiving symbolic information and mental activity.

SALVATOR is a symbiosis of science, art and philosophy, the artifact to optimize your individual reality. This is a new dimension of the evolutionary doctrine of human consciousness and regulation of life processes through the molecular biology of the brain, which is responsible for memory and nervous activity.

In the ordinary sense SALVATOR combined properties of a magic wand and the lamp of Aladdin, into which the ancient gods placed unmanaged spirits, that violated people's lives interfering with their elemental force.

What is SALVATOR aimed to?

√ Provides a positive adjustment of the central nervous system through the fundamental properties of the language as a natural object, embedded into our brain by the evolution;

√ Generates images in the mind, stimulates the body's memory and optimizes the person’s perception of the environment and the noosphere memory;

√ Draws the person’s attention to the colossal experience of different ways to exchange energy with the environment and to the fight against the entropy, the experience of billions of living beings that preceded the humans in the evolutionary development of the biosphere;

√ Frees the person’s mind from the destructive programs of the reality interpretation, the ones generated by the uncertainty (entropy);

√ Expands the boundaries of the human consciousness and his ability for psychophysical interpretation of the world view;

√ Helps the human consciousness to form specific information properties of phenomena and objects that accompany the life activity;

√ Develops cognitive logic of the person and the "mechanism of anticipatory formation of the reality";

√ Promotes optimal human interaction with the phenomena of planetary and cosmic nature;

√ Generates "quick thinking" that stimulates making right decisions;

√ Due to additional means it increases the electrophysiological activity of the brain;

√ Optimizes integration and interaction of the person’s consciousness with his biological system.

SALVATOR forms special semantic quanta of sustainability for the person, at all levels of his individual consciousness and biological system.

Information strategy of SALVATOR consists in non-violence on the human thought. Every user of SALVATOR realizes himself in his own way, adequate to his nature, using universal algorithms and symbols.

SALVATOR consists of text messages, which are called SALVATOR Syntactic Protocol, and a special physical object, which is called Artifact SALVATOR.



Artifact SALVATOR is a physical object with a Core, made of a special metal, contacting with the body and consciousness of the person. In the process of the technology implementation through SALVATOR Syntactic Protocol, using this object the person performs “discharge” of destructive programs of the reality interpretation, both coming from the outer world and initiated by the person.

The Symbols and Forms of the Artifact SALVATOR are borrowed from the imperial attribute of power and the image of the sky signs of C.G. Jung.

SALVATOR opens for the person the powerful image of the Ocean, the Biosphere and Cosmic phenomena, transforming them into intelligent analogues, Ideas Images. These Ideas Images combine the processes of cognitive (creative) human consciousness into the connection Ocean - Human - Universe, launching the person into a new orbit of his capabilities.

SALVATOR is beyond physics and chemistry, because it is based on the properties of the human consciousness as the highest function of the human brain, directly related to speech and having the ability to creatively model the reality. SALVATOR brings the energy of Meaning and your Consciousness.

SALVATOR stimulates and regulates continuous self-renewal, metabolism, exchange of energy and information in the human body, as well as in the surrounding space and time. SALVATOR gives your life accuracy and harmony of graceful movements inherent to stars and ocean currents.