Cosmic Theurgy "Maya", as the evolutionary continuation of Sacred Cosmology, is an innovative method of restoring health, karma, personal life, business, interpersonal relations, spirituality and rejuvenation.

The channels of Cosmic Theurgy "MAYA" appeared in the space in 2005-2007. They belong to a higher 4th level and have come from the constellations of Orion and the Big Dipper, they are 5 - 10 times more powerful than the previously known cosmoenergetic channels and aimed only at creation.

Coming from the Greek, the word "theurgy" means co-creation with God, and "Maya" - an illusion.

Theurgy "MAYA" channels matrx can be imagined as an infinite light pipe directed from the Space to Earth. In the form of light energy beams of different colors, speeding on the pipe, we get “settings” from the Creator. The main purpose of these settings is to revive the spirituality of people for the purpose of saving our civilization and Earth during the Change of Eras.

All the channels of Cosmic Theurgy "MAYA" work through the Consciousness. No wonder they say: "Health is a mirror of our consciousness." The channels run through the crown chakra, and lead us to the golden energies of the Creator. It means that every user has a tremendous responsibility for his thought-forms and actions.

Working with Cosmic Theurgy "MAYA" channels, it is necessary to strive for righteousness (according to the Vedas), which means to live according to the conscience (“con” – with, “science” – knowledge, that in the Vedas is The BOOK of LIFE or the silvery-white channel of universal knowledge, the COLUMN of KNOWLEDGE), i.e. with knowledge of the Cosmic (Universal) Laws or the Commandments.

Psychosomatics and eastern healing practices say directly that the physical and mental health of the person, his achievements in various spheres of life depend on the inner sense of harmony, self-esteem, self-love and love to family and friends. In contrast, indifference to your fate, pride, selfishness, envy, fear, greed, irritability, hatred, the love of power generate destructive thought forms and behavior. They upset the balance of energies in the body and on the principle of "like calls to like" the person gets under the influence of spells, evil eye, hexes, codes and other virtual destruction programs. Some of these programs come with the family tree, others - from the former lives (incarnations).

The "Gold" line FSC’s contain the channels of Cosmic Theurgy "MAYA", aimed at removing the underlying root causes of diseases.

The "Gold" line FSC’s provide a dosed effect at a time. It means that it is not necessary to monitor the channel function: when to open or to close it. The main principle is "Less but better." The channels start to work in 3 - 10 minutes and are activated individually - from several minutes to a few hours and sometimes days. All depends on the extent of the user’s problem.

The channels are activated independently, it is enough to take the right FSC into the hands. The energy of ThanksGiving is not required.

All the FSC’s of the "Gold" line are adaptive, they adjust to the user individually.

The "Gold" line FSC’s can be used in any usual way, they can be perfectly combined with other FSC’s on the principle of matching pairs.