Functional State Correctors (FSC) with the 5th element are innovative Russian science products of a new generation, which bring together all the best properties of the FSC’s, that have been issued before, and the scientific and technological know-how of the last 7 years.

The FSC is a device designed to protect us against the external aggressive electromagnetic radiation. The manufacturing technology of FSC’s repeats the natural principles of the electromagnetic field structure, natural for a living organism at the cellular level. The FSC repeats the harmonious image information in the rhythms of Earth's magnetic field and the external space radiation. Thus, the main task of the FSC is to synchronize the internal body rhythms with the rhythms of the external field. The information, implemented in the FSC, can effectively counteract the destructive psycho-energy fluctuations. The FSC also helps the body to neutralize the adverse impact of bio-pathogenic fields.

"Places of Power" are special places on Earth where there is an unusual energy impact on human beings and all living things around. Our country is rich in such places - Arkaim, Mount Belukha, the Lena Pillars, Saint Springs, dolmens, Buddhist datsans ... Visiting "places of power" contributes to the harmonization of the whole body, increases vitality and positive emotional mood. Each "place of power" has a specific range of frequencies and acts specifically, showing its effect on the physical and subtle systems of people, animals, nature.

FSC’s "Places of Power" give a boost of energy from the places where this energy is most pure and strong.

FSC line "Places of Power" contains polarization of the water samples taken from springs, natural sources and rivers, proven as healing, and dolmens information, cosmic energy channels. The main purpose of FSC line "Places of Power" is to adjust and preserve human subtle bodies.

We are always located in flows of energy, wave flows around us create our field, and it is always active. When some more concentrated energy gets into our field, this movement is accelerated and many of our vital processes proceed faster. We get an additional charge of positive energy that helps us to stay active longer, to be constantly in the flow of life, to bring harmony and create.

In the "place of power" you can feel a wave of energy that refreshes, cleanses and harmonizes the space and gives strength. Now "places of power" can always be with you, so that you could remain in energetic state and positive mood!

FSC green line "Places of Power" contains polarization of the water samples taken from springs, natural sources and rivers that have proven themselves as healing.

All the programs in the FSC line “Places of Power" have the information protected.

Arkaim is the ancient settlement in the south of the Urals - the world's largest archaeological and cultural sensation, discovered at the threshold of the 21st century. "Arkaim is the place where Heaven touches Earth ... Arkaim is the path to the Truth" (S.P. Maltseva, the author of the trilogy about Arkaim).

Arkaim treasures: Bald Mountain (Shaman, Shamanikha) - the remains of the volcano that existed more than 300 million years ago. This is the mountain of Wish fulfillment, people come here to get knowledge that will help to transform and improve the world, will give a boost to people in their growth and preservation of Earth. Mountain of Love (Anael) gives powerful flows of Love and Light, Mount Intelligence gives mental clarity and memory enlightenment, self-confidence. The Big Karaganka river helps cleanse negative energy and promotes rejuvenation. Mount Belukha in the Altai Mountains is the highest peak of Siberia, the shrine of the Altai Mountains. Here every person leaves all his worries and emotions, reveals the mystery of existence.

The dolmens around Gelendzhik (a resort town in Russia, located on the Black Sea coast) are cult tombs aged from 3 to 10 thousand years BC. Their radiation structures aqueous media and carries a powerful spiritual flow. It is said that dolmens were constructed to help humanity to recover the lost knowledge and acquire new one.

The Lena Pillars in Yakutia (the Sakha Republic) bring vital force into the human body, the polarization of water at these stones has beneficial effect on human psyche and health.

The water of Saint springs carries unique information for the person - healing energy. The spring of St. Sergius, abbot of Radonezh, has a strong cleansing energy; the spring of St. Theodosius of the Caucasus helps fulfill the desires; the spring "Holy hand" brings the healing power of St. Nicholas, the Virgin and St. John the Baptist.