Functional State Correctors (FSC) with the 5th element are innovative Russian science products of a new generation, which bring together all the best properties of the FSC’s, that have been issued before, and the scientific and technological know-how of the last 7 years.

The FSC is a device designed to protect us against the external aggressive electromagnetic radiation. The manufacturing technology of FSC’s repeats the natural principles of the electromagnetic field structure, natural for a living organism at the cellular level. The FSC repeats the harmonious image information in the rhythms of Earth's magnetic field and the external space radiation. Thus, the main task of the FSC is to synchronize the internal body rhythms with the rhythms of the external field. The information, implemented in the FSC, can effectively counteract the destructive psycho-energy fluctuations. The FSC also helps the body to neutralize the adverse impact of biopathogenic fields.

The main task in the person’s recovery is to harmonize all aspects of his life as an integrated open system consisting of body, soul and spirit, harmony with the society and the family, as well as harmony with nature and the environment. Such a systematic approach is inherent in traditional healing systems such as Ayurveda, the ancient Slavic Vedas knowledge (wisdom) etc.

Cosmic Energy (rus. Kosmoenergetika, Cosmoenergetics) is a system of knowledge and practices aimed at the development, self-improvement, spiritual and physical healing of a person. This method belongs to a non-verbal (without words) influence on the person. The improvement is due to the effects of special cosmic energy channels, which have a significant healing effect.

Cosmoenergetics is considered a scientific and practical method. During the last decade some research centers were measuring the effect that cosmoenergetics channels have on different biosphere objects like water, aqueous solutions, background radiation, as well as higher plants. Statistically confirmed influence of cosmic energy channels should be recognized as an established fact.

Cosmic energy methods give practical advice on how to activate your own consciousness. Basic operating principle of cosmoenergetics channels is to control mental images for realization and implementation of various human needs. The intermediary transfer of these programs is any liquid crystals, including water. It is water that helps to form new programs and transmit them to the FSC.

All the FSC’s of the “lilac” line "Cosmoenergetics" clean, restore and harmonize all the components of the person’s energy-information system: energy centers (chakras), channels, meridians, aura.

The main feature of the FSC line "Cosmoenergetics" is full information security. The ability to replicate cosmic energy programs through water makes them accessible to the masses and does not require any special initiation.

Cosmoenergetics is a method of harmonization, healing, improvement of health and environment, a method for studying the fundamental laws of the Universe using energy-information cosmic channels (fields). Cosmic Energy history begins in India about 900 years ago.

In late 2009 the World Health Organization registered the International Federation of Classical Cosmoenergetics as a member of the program "The Global Health Workforce Alliance".

The main thing to remember is that active communicating with cosmic energy channels starts with the energy of THANKSGIVING!