For the innovative product "EVOchlorophyll" "Center Region" company produces a few different types to provide systemic effects on the body for the purpose of health rehabilitation: tissue oxygenation, acid-base balance restoration, detoxification of the body, activation of immune cells. The products are recommended for preventive healthcare, adjuvant therapy, as well as to support physiologically normal functional activity of organs and systems.

The main active ingredient is the released water-soluble chlorophyll in the form of chlorophyllin sodium salt. The active ingredient of "EVOchlorophyll" is the soluble form of chlorophyll, derived from alfalfa plants using an exclusive innovative technology.

Alfalfa (lucerne) is a pod-bearing plant that contains significant quantities of almost all essential minerals and chemical elements that make up the human body. Alfalfa extracts some of the rare elements from the soil due to its very deep (10 to 30 meters) root system. This most valuable plant contains a range of different vitamins (A, B1, B2, B12, E, K) and minerals (Ca, Fe, Mg, P, Si), chlorophyll, a complete protein, octacosanol, lecithin, saponins, coumarins, sterols, alkaloids, etc.

The purpose of "EVOhlorofill" products is to strengthen the adaptive capacities of the organism, to remove toxic substances from the body. It is proved that chlorophyllin neutralizes the oxidative stress caused by chemical and radiation factors. Chlorophyllin also contributes to the inhibition of non-specific activity of cytochrome P450, which is important in the prevention of tumors of different origin.

The line of products with active substance "EVOchlorophyll", patented by "Center Region" company, is presented in the form of three vitamin-mineral complexes, in which different concentrations of the Active Water-soluble Element of Chlorophyll (WEC) are used:

"EVOchlorophyll - K" (capsules)

"EVOchlorophyll - P" (solution)

"EVOchlorophyll - C" (suppository)

Today, the world has witnessed the rapid development of photodynamic therapy (PDT), which is a fundamentally new method based on the ability of photosensitizers to be selectively accumulated in pathological tissues.

PDT (photodynamic therapy) is a method based on the destruction of foreign and sick cells with the help of reactive oxygen species, which are formed during the photochemical reaction. Therefore, a red light with a wavelength of 662 nm is a necessary component of photodynamic therapy, as it is able to penetrate into living tissue. In order to increase tissue sensitivity to red light, a photosensitizer is needed - the second component of the photochemical reaction. Moreover, such a sensitizer, which is capable of being selectively accumulated in defective cells. The third necessary component is oxygen, which is always present in living organisms. The photosensitizer transfers the energy of light to oxygen, thereby the latter turns into a so-called singlet state. Singlet oxygen is chemically very active: it oxidizes proteins and other biomolecules, thereby destroying the internal structure of the target cells where the agent is accumulated most. The cell becomes unviable, and is absorbed by phagocytes - "waste attendants" of the body.

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) promotes:

  1. Activation, energy transfer to oxygen, which initiates a chain of reactions in the pathological cells
  2. Immunomodulatory effects at the cellular and humoral levels, which rejuvenates the tissues by the death of pathological cells
  3. Inhibition of immunodeficient states
  4. Inhibition of tumor growth
  5. Improvement of blood microcirculation, activation of cholesterol elimination from the blood vessels, normalization of hormonal metabolism
  6. In case of external application of chlorophyllin products, they exhibit pronounced properties of tissue regeneration in wounds, burns, bedsores, have antibacterial effect. They prevent inflammatory processes, neutralize toxins Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium pertringeus

"EVOchlorophyll" is a water-soluble chlorophyll element (WEC) of Alfalfa (Lucerne), it acts in human body according to the principle of PDT and has a range of useful properties: helps the person get rid of viral and bacterial infections, normalizes metabolism and hormonal status, increases the potency, struggles against chronic diseases, resolves neoplasms.

The structure and composition of "EVOchlorophyll" is similar to the hemoglobin of human blood, this property allows it to be "familiar" in the body. Through the blood WEC penetrates into the sick cells, viruses, worms, bacteria, then it gets activated under the influence of solar energy, your own heat or special LED lighting and emits singlet oxygen, which is a powerful oxidizing agent and "cleaner" of the body. With the blood flow, WEC almost instantly brings to every cell oxygen and easily digestible set of carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids. In the result it allows to begin the process of detoxification and excretion of toxic substances in a few minutes.

Today physicians, medical clinics and consumers have accumulated a large experience in application of products with active substances of chlorophyll. The main purpose of the introduction of effective natural products "EVOchlorophyll" is general health improvement of the nation. The timely use of PDT preventive opportunities gives many people a chance for a full recovery.


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