The FSC’s "NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC" and "ELIXIR OF LIFE" are newly created every year according to the result of studying the dynamic changes of the energy-information characteristics of water during Epiphany night (the night of 18th to 19th of January every year). These FSC’s are valid for one year only. Later they can be used for structuring water, protection against man-made and sociopathogenic fields, but they no longer have the same information content.

It is recommended to use FSC "Natural antibiotic" and FSC "Elixir of Life" together as an additional tool in the treatment of bacterial diseases. The dosage regimen of structured water is as follows: at first drink 100-200 ml of the water structured with FSC "Natural antibiotic" and in 12-15 minutes just drink the same amount of the water structured with FSC "Elixir of Life".


  • Has a powerful antibacterial action, it helps to neutralize a variety of viruses entering the body, as well as bacteria, microbes;
  • Suppresses the development of pathological processes in cells and tissues;
  • Cleans the body, helps to eliminate toxins.

FSC "Natural Antibiotic" requires more careful attention to itself:

  • It should not be kept separate alone; it should always have a container with water or any other FSC on it;
  • Take water, structured with the "Natural antibiotic", in case of sickness but no more than every 2 hours and in the amount of 200-300 ml only; For preventive care it is recommended to take a glass of water in the morning and at night; take a bath or shower with this FSC during 5-7 minutes, rinse your mouth regularly;
  • Keep it on the body at problem areas for up to 10 minutes only with breaks of 2 hours;
  • Eating or using other FSC’s after taking the water with "Natural antibiotic" is recommended in 10-15 minutes;
  • In case of cuts, festering, burns you can treat wounds with water structured with FSC “Natural antibiotic”.