• Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects;  
  • Wound healing, anti-allergic effects, reduces swelling;
  • Restores and enhances the body's defenses;
  • Acts as a strong adaptogen and immunomodulator;
  • Has antitumor effect;
  • Helps soften and dissolve stones in kidneys;
  • Influencing the entire body, it largely restores the organs controlled by the upper energy centers, starting with the heart chakra;
  • Harmonizes the emotional state.

"Zamzam" is wonderful water of the spring, which is located at the Holy Kaaba inside the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. The water "Zamzam" is sacred water, the only one that has no similar structure, comparing with other water on the planet, whatever the origin. The scientist from Japan Masaru Emoto, who heads I.H.M.General Research Institute, says that all the researches and experiments in the laboratory couldn’t change the properties of this holy water, as well as until now they are not able to establish the cause of it. "Zamzam water contains healing for all diseases" (Dailami). Throughout history it has got many testimonies, including cases when it healed hopeless patients.

Scientists cannot say for sure, why the water of Zamzam has a therapeutic effect. The Ministry of Information in Saudi Arabia reports that according to the research and different tests Zamzam water is potable in conformity with all international standards. Although water is not subjected to any chemical or natural processing, it has no harmful substances and organic impurities. There are also no health hazard phosphates, sulfates and nitrates, no heavy metals - copper, lead, nickel, cobalt, aluminum - harmful for organism. But there are useful trace elements.

Some remarkable properties of "Zamzam" spring:

  • This source has never dried up. At all times, it was always full of water;
  • The salt composition and the water taste are the same as they were when the spring originated, thousands years ago;
  • The taste of “Zamzam” water always remains the same;
  • The absence of micro-organisms and pathogenic bacteria. In most springs we observe occurrence of microorganisms and vegetation that cause unpleasant odor and taste of water, due to the growth of algae as well. But there are no such processes in "Zamzam" spring;

If you add a drop of "Zamzam" water into 1000 drops of ordinary drinking water, this water acquires medicinal properties of "Zamzam".