• Restores and protects the energy potencial of the person;
  • Restores strength when overworking or having physical and psycho-emotional exhaustion of forces;
  • Cleans, renews and regenerates the liver and gallbladder, the entire digestive tract;
  • Removes the state of intoxication;
  • Increases the body's defense system and restores the immune system;
  • Contributes to fulfillment of desires;
  • Manifests true spirituality, a "source of strength" of the person and eliminates interference, barriers on the path to spiritual growth.

Shambhala is the legendary mythical country in Tibet and neighboring regions. It is believed that Shambhala is the center of the world, where is located a source that gives life to all beings on Earth. According to the legend, after the Muslim invasion of Central Asia in the IX century the kingdom of Shambhala became invisible to the human eye, and only those who are pure in heart can find the way. Legends say that Shambhala is a state of mind, a connection of the man and the God. So, to find Shambhala means to attain enlightenment.

According to various legends, there are three entrances to the mythical country. Roerich was looking for Shambhala in Tibet (it is believed that one of the entrances is located in the area of the Mount Kailas) and the Altai mountains near the mount Belukha. There is another entrance, and it is located in the Mongolian Gobi Desert! In the 50s of the XIX century D.Danzanravjaa together with his disciples founded a model country of Shambhala, to the north of the monastery "Khamariin Khiid". Today it is a favourite place of pilgrimage because people believe that in this sacred place their souls are cleansed, and all wishes get fulfilled. Close to the energy center, to the north of the monastery, there are 108 caves where monks practiced meditation to retire from the mundane life during 108 days.