• Realization of the World integrity and interconnectedness of all the life systems;
  • Understanding and recognition of your ancestral roots, acceptance of your past, finding the support and strength of the ancestors; • Revival and development of spirituality, raising awareness, acquisition of wisdom;
  • Helps to realize your purpose;
  • Knowledge of yourself as an integral person, understanding and acceptance of your objectives and tasks;
  • Filling your inner source of power, opening of the possibility to show your highest potential - spiritual and physical;
  • Harmonization of new perspectives and vision in all areas of life: personal, professional, material and spiritual.

These are paired Koltsov Functional State Correctors, the plate "Reload. Cleansing" and the plate "Reload. Filling", they are used consistently and interconnectedly with each other.

There is a place in Khakassia where everyone, who is looking for the hidden meaning of life, should go. It is the Path of the Ancestors or the Path of Shamanic Power. It begins near the village Efremkino, on the high bank of the River White Yus, falling and rising, passing through valleys, arches and steep slopes. The ancient name of this unique rock massif is "Togys Az", which means "Nine mouths". And indeed, if you look from the other bank to the one where the path goes, you can see 9 large caves, similar to open mouths. Here archaeologists have found the oldest in Siberia camp sites in caves, older than 24 thousand years. The ancestors passed the path to worship gods and spirits, inhabiting the local numerous caves. In the caves there are paintings, the only in Khakassia, made with ocher, aged as scientists have identified 4 – 4,5 thousand years.

The Path of the Ancestors is conventionally divided into seven sectors, which symbolize the birth and formation of the human personality. Passing this path in the sense of the sacred correspondeds to the passing of a devoted along the path of Knowledge, it is the way of getting knowledge during the life. Someone is satisfied with superficial knowledge, and the other will take the entire course of life and acquire wisdom.