A great result!

A woman of 59 years have been taking "PROTETION" complexes № 8, 2, 6, and 3 for 6 months.

The result:

√ Weight loss of 4 kg.

√ The kidneys started to clean - some sand got out.

√ Defecation 2-3 times a day √ Pigmented spots on skin began to fade.

√ Even small papillomas on the neck completely disappeared. √ The biological age is 40 years !!!!!

√ I feel wonderful! With lots of energy.

Lyubov Tarasova, Orenburg



To cope with chronic bronchitis, I used «MARBAX 1». At first it dried the mucus that was running down the back of the throat. In 4 months I took another course of «MARBAX 1», but the cough still remained. In November, 2013, I began to take "PROTETION" №4 "Respiratory System", in December I again added "MARBAX 1". In February something incredible began. My throat gurgled as if I had asthma. The sputum was getting out in a very intensive way. I was exultant - finally I did it! The process continued for 2,5 weeks. Now everything is OK!

Tatiana Suraeva



I got "PROTETION" №8 as a gift and asked my friend-kinesiologist to test it for my body comparing it to dietary supplements of two US companies. US dietary supplements were effective, one 10 and another 15 related units, but the indicators of "PROTETION" were 5000 relative units!!!!!! I tried it and found that it works fast! It is easy to use as well! By the way it is cheap, as I used it for 3 months! Everybody noticed my rejuvenation!

O.V. Iznova, Ryazan



Cold sore appeared at my lip. Immediately I applied "PROTETION" №8 to the wound, in 2 hours it was gone.

Tatiana Istomina



A woman of 70 years. In October 2013, the tumor was diagnosed of 111 * 100mm. During this period she took "PROTETION" №5. In February 2014 she made ultrasound test again, the analysis showed that the tumor of the pancreas became 92 * 100 mm. And the tomography in March 2014 proved the tumor to have decreased and become 85 * 80. The woman feels good. No pain. The mood is good and the whole day she is actively coddling her grandson aged 1 year and 8 months. All blood and urine tests are good. Surgeons and oncologists are surprised by this result.

Svetlana Afonicheva, Magnitogorsk




We are very grateful to the creators of "PROTETION"! A man with dry lungs was saying goodbye to his family. He didn’t have enough energy to walk to the kitchen. He took great efforts to eat and drink. After taking "PROTETION" 4 he came back to life! Now he goes to work!




I used "PROTETION" 8 as a means of facial care. Within a week the pores got clean and significantly narrowed, the wrinkles reduced, both facial and deep.

Nadezhda Vasilieva Baranok



I take "PROTETION" №8. After using one bottle I stopped being tortured by attacks before critical days. Before it was very hard for me to bear these days. Cold feet, insomnia 2-3 days before the critical days followed arterial tension and intracranial pressure, severe headache, vomiting. And now I even forget sometimes when it should start, so I learn about it only when the cycle begins. Many thanks for this miraculous medication!

I wish health to everybody!

Svetlana Adamova




Thank you for my health! Because of a prolonged stressful situation, many years ago I got insomnia, hypertension - headache, dizziness. Accordingly, I often felt bad, and had to call for the ambulance at night. I took pills a lot. After treatment in the hospital I had severe abdominal and stomach pains, rises of temperature to 39. The survey showed "hospital infection" - staphylococcus aureus. Medication relieved the symptoms, but not for long. Now I do “pumping” (aura cleaning) with Koltsov FSC’s every day. I took a course of «MARBAX» 1 and 2. The digestive tract was restored. I take "PRTETION" 1 and "PROTETION" 3 - my sleep is recovered, heart rhythm and pressure are normalized, dizziness is gone. I have a lot of strength and energy. I am glad that in that very difficult situation I learnt about the products of "CENTER REGION" company. May God grant you all good health!

Svetlana Romanenko, 67 years old, Navashino




As a result of a bad falling down, there formed a bump on my knee, in size of an egg. The diagnosis was defined as prepatellar bursitis. I was prescribed a surgery but because of a new fall I broke a leg, the operation had to be postponed. I was taking "PROTETION" №6. According to the doctors my recovery from the injury went faster than in other patients with the same injury, the bump on my knee was gone and the operation was not needed any more. The swollen veins came to normal state.

Ivan Smirnov, 56, Nizhny Novgorod region.



I had gallstones in the liver. The symptoms were relevant. I used PROTETION №3 and Koltsov FSC “Amaranth”, the stone shattered and went out. Doctors are shocked.

Natalia, Moscow



I was taking "PROTETION" №2. After two weeks of administration I felt strong pain in the low back. It was difficult to lie down, stand up or turn around. A week later the pain passed. My daughter and I even went flying with a parachute.

Nataliya Vasilkova, 60 years old.