• Protects and enhances the immune system provides the body's resistance to various diseases;
  • Promotes prevention and correction of disorders in all body systems, restores its protective power and normalizes metabolism;
  • Activates regenerative processes in tissues of internal organs;
  • Has the unique property of preventing oncological disease (oncoprotection);
  • Has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects;
  • Has radioprotective properties, protects against the harmful effects of various types of radiation, helps in overcoming the effects of radiation therapy, cleanses the body of heavy metals salts, toxins, radionuclides;  
  • It is effective for treating atherosclerosis, lowers blood pressure;
  • Helps with diseases of the female reproductive organs;
  • Effectively helps with Parkinson's disease, enuresis (especially in children and the elderly);
  • Effectively removes a variety of skin problems (including psoriasis), has powerful regenerating and rejuvenating effects.

Amaranth (in Greek - "amarantos") means "the unfading flower”. In America the Indians called it "the golden grain of God", "Aztec wheat", "bread of the Incas". In India it was called "Rama Dana", which means "God-given". Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations called amaranth the cropper of the XXI century. Amaranth is unique in its composition, contains squalene and phytosterols, large amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, fatty acids, biologically active substances. Many research centers around the world (USA, Canada, India, Japan, Russia, etc.) study amaranth and its healing properties.