There is a series of cosmoenergetic channels aimed:  

  • to harmonize internal state, fill it with energy of love, kindness and creativity, to manifest universal qualities - mercy, compassion;
  • to clean, remove unauthorized negative energy impacts;
  • to prevent and stop quarrels, scandals;
  • to build the relationship of friendship, love and understanding, positive emotional state;
  • to recover the energy background, to fill up with vitality;
  • to improve the quality of sleeping, help in meditation practice.

It contains the Channel of the Cosmic Theurgy "MAYA" - BALDIZ-VUAGRE (female).

  • Facilitates awakening of female sexuality;
  • Increases sexual desire - libido;
  • Eliminates frigidity (both temporary and permanent);
  • Promotes to develop and return the lost sexual interest in the opposite sex (for example, after pregnancy, including an unsuccessful one);
  • Relieves psychological blocks that have arisen because of strict upbringing or lack of reliable information for the girl during her puberty;
  • Eliminates the injury caused by physical or psychological violence committed against women of all ages;
  • Eliminates disharmony and helps to get satisfied in love life;
  • Opens the true nature of the woman, liberating the internal state and makes feel you a true woman, so you become desirable for the opposite sex;
  • Rehabilitates and protects the energy centers (chakras);
  • Contributes to strengthening mutual understanding and harmonization of relations with the partner, including in the intimate sphere;
  • Helps to attract your "soul mate", and to strengthen the existing relationship.

The intimate sphere is the most important component of adult life. This is the fundamental starting point for building a full-fledged family relationship.

If men and women are liberated and do not experience difficulties in making love, they exchange and fill each other with energy. A sexually satisfied man aspires to harmony in other areas of his life and spends this energy on business, work, travel, parenting.