• Increases and improves yields of various food crops and plants;
  • Reduces the concentration of pesticides (and other harmful "chemistry") in plants;
  • It is aimed to provide effective protection of plants against parasites and mold that attack plants at all stages of their growth;
  • Promotes growth of plants;
  • Suppresses black mold, various types of fungi;  
  • Increases resistance of animals to infectious diseases;
  • Effectively acts on the animals, they get sick less and breed better;
  • It is suitable for people with infectious diseases transmitted from animals and plants, as well as with fungal infections.

The FSC "Flora and Fauna" contains: cosmo-energetic channel Loogra, polarization of Monarda plant; Slavo-Aryan symbols (Yarovrat, fire symbol of Yaro-God, controlling spring crops flowering and all the gracious weather conditions; Solard, Majestic Fertility the Mother Earth, that receives the light, warmth and love from Yarilo-Sun, the symbol of Prosperity of the Ancestors’ Land, the symbol of the Fire, giving wealth and prosperity to generations, creating for their descendants, to the glory of the Gods of Light and highly Wise Ancestors).

Essential oil of Monarda (or bergamot) is popular in aromatherapy, because it has great bactericidal activity. Among 22 studied oils Monarda essential oils has the highest effect on micro-organisms, it is especially effective for prevention of acute respiratory infections and influenza. Long ago Indians noticed antiseptic properties of bergamot: using leaves of this plant they treated wounds and skin infections, and bergamot infusion was used to rinse the throat and mouth, improve teeth and gums, relieve headaches and fever, as well as it was used as a general stimulant and carminative. It is believed that the essential oil of Monarda completely inhibits the black mold growth.