• Rises overall energy power in men;
  • Helps to awaken the true male consciousness "I am a male";
  • Helps psychological maturation and conversion of a boy into a man, even in his adulthood;
  • Eliminates psychological complexes and barriers associated with setting and achieving goals;
  • Harmonizes the sexual sphere, increases sexual energy and activity of a man;
  • Helps to find and understand his purpose in life;
  • Contributes to harmonization of different walks of life - business, personal space, hobbies, etc .;
  • Facilitates the fulfillment of desires.

Black Mountain is the most famous mountain in the Gobi desert, located in the East Gobi aimak of Mongolia, at an altitude of 1031,9 meters above the sea level, 23 kilometers north-west of the monastery "Khamariin Khiid". The original name of the Black Mountain, as well as its spirit master’s name is Rich Heart, Bayanzurkh - it is connected with its special properties to meet the desires of those who come to honor it. There is another name – The Jewel, making desires true. The Mongols have ancient traditions of worship and sacrifice to the mountains, entrusting their wishes. Lamas get together only during the sacrifice to the mountains, they get cleaned and pray. This "place of power" is a place of pilgrimage for people from all over the world! Visiting this unique corner of the world is like touching a limitless, all-powerful, never-ending energy of the Universe.

Every day hundreds of men, including young children, climb to the top of the mountain Bayanzurkh – Black Mountain, "Whishes Mountain" - and the path is unstable, it is simply dangerous! There they write their wishes on a paper and then burn it. Apparently that is a good opportunity to reflect on their desires. Women are not allowed to climb the mountain, they pray and make wishes at the foot of Bayanzurkh.